Our mechanical professionals deals with the design and fabrication of mechanical subsystem and components in optical system. We provide you with a full customized service through the production cycle.

Mechanical Engineering


Our Zemax expertise and practice in optical simulation will exceed your expectations in the design and implementation of your optical system.  Especially it is your best choice to work with us for your customized design.

Optical Engineering


We provide electrical services for your optical system. We have been effectively working with our clients to realize the optical functionalities through the help of electrical IC chips.

Electrical Engineering


Our Single Point Diamond Turning (SPDT) service will help you to realize your prototyping, tooling inserts, pilot production, or some combination of the three for your plastic optics.

Diamond Turning


Our injection molding service combined with our diamond turning provides the capability to make the volume production of your optic elements in plastic format.

Injection Molding