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Tracer Tu Service Tool Software Download [Updated]




UPDATED 3/10/18: We have made major changes to the balancing tool. We have added support for ACERT, Triadyne and NIBA. In addition, the balance status time was updated, making it significantly faster and the error reports were modified to use the description lines on the final report. To use this version of the tool, please upgrade your license to the latest version. To download the most recent version of the tool, please go to This guide will be updated. Please send any comments or updates to HISTORY Tracer® is an integrated, intelligent, and proactive service tool for Trane Building Automation Controllers and BACnet network devices. WHAT IS Tracer®? Tracer® is a Windows based service application and Trane Building Automation Controller Balancer. Tracer® is the service tool for Trane's BACnet controllers. The Tracer® Balancer is the service tool for Trane's BACnet network devices. The Tracer® tool is more than just a Balancer. Tracer® provides a window into the actual conditions of your controllers and network devices. It assists you by indicating the probable cause of any system condition changes. With the integrated service tool, Tracer® can send notifications to you via email, pager, cell phone or text messaging when an error occurs. The tool can also be configured to report system conditions to you as part of a remote maintenance or alarm communication system. The Tracer® tool is also designed to assist you in reducing energy consumption by providing information on the actual and predicted use of energy by your BACnet network devices. In fact, the Tracer® tool can send system energy data directly to Trane for billing purposes. Tracer® has three main functions: Balancing service: Tracer® can perform balance diagnostics of controllers and devices, as well as verify and validate that the energy use by your system is consistent with the recorded energy usage for the same period of time as your devices' availability records. If your system is not operating as expected, you can then determine the probable cause of the discrepancy. Comprehensive diagnostics: Tracer® can perform comprehensive diagnostics on your controller



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Tracer Tu Service Tool Software Download [Updated]

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